Hide Online - Play unblocked game here

Many Online Multiplayer games can be played in the internet sitting in front of your computer. Hide Online is a Multiplayer Online Game in which the sole purpose of the teams is to hunt the opponent team and smoke them. There are two types of team in the game one are the hunters and the others are the Props. Props can Shape shift and can transform into anything. They will hide and taunt other player while the Hunters will have to search them and shoot them. There will be many objects, so you have to think carefully before you shoot the objects because shooting the wrong objects will lose you some life points.

Hide Online, the Hunting Begins

In Hide online if you are Props you will have 30 second to hide after that you will have to make a sound or taunt other players. After that it's up to the hunters to find and shoot the props. The hunters will have a couple of minutes to find the props. If they can shoot all the Props then the props will win the game. If the hunters manage to find all of the props and shoot them then the hunters will win the game. We can say that it's a modified game of hide and seek. So, turn on your computer, Open a browser and start playing the game with your friends or with people across the Globe.

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Hide Online Controls

To control your avatar, you will need the support of both mouse and keyboard.

  1. Use left mouse button to shoot the Props.
  2. To move your avatar use WASD.
  3. To change the weapons Press 1, 2, 3 and to Reload press R.
  4. If you are from the Prop team Press E to transform into the Objects
  5. To Taunt press Q
  6. And if you want to jump you can press 'SPACE'.